At the Dawn of the Hydrogen Economy

Interest in hydrogen is growing, with demand increasing rapidly. It is clear that the next significant transformation in the energy transition will be based on the hydrogen economy, transforming green electrons to green molecules via water electrolysis to create green hydrogen.


Egypt Megaproject: An Expedited Power Transformation

The Energy Revolution

Leading equipment providers are helping power producers and utilities survive and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Summer 2018 Corporate Capabilities Report

How Siemens is Leading the Transformation of the Energy Industry

Degrees of Difficulty

Enerfab, Inc. was hired to complete the lifting and replacing of a conveyor tube for a coal transfer facility using rented Modulift® spreader beams from Lifting Gear Hire.

The Digital Transformation of the Power Industry Is Happening Now. Are You Ready?

Top Plant: Linden Generating Station, Linden, New Jersey

New Jersey’s second-largest power plant has been a leader since it opened in 2006, when it was named a POWER Top Plant for its use of reclaimed water for cooling and for fitting an advanced four-unit facility into a constrained brownfield site. Now PSEG’s Linden Generating Station becomes a two-time Top Plant winner for its embrace of advanced digital monitoring and analytics to stay competitive in the red-hot PJM market.

Top Plant: Chivasso Combined Cycle Power Plant, Turin, Italy

When a plant goes into mothballs—especially because of poor economics—it’s often a harbinger of impending retirement. Upgrades to improve performance may help, but in changing markets, returns can be highly uncertain. Italian energy firm A2A partnered with GE to return one plant to profitability with a combination of hardware improvements and cloud-based analytics.

POWER magazine's Plant of the Year

A U.S. Power Industry Regulatory Update

SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Carbon Capture Project Wins POWER’s Highest Award

Women in Power Generation Talk About Why They Love Their Careers

In this supplement to the June 2015 issue of POWER, women in a variety of roles across the power sector comment on why they love their careers in a field where women remain a small minority.